Illustrator | Content Creator | Writer

First and foremost, I would like to thank you personally for visiting my little slice of the internet … I am Leona, the one-woman band behind Crafting By The Pound. I am an avid reader, writer, crafting fanatic, YouTube content creator, Twitch streamer, blogger, and illustrator. 

Crafting By The Pound is my stationery business based in Missouri. I sell a range of printables, art prints, & other crafty goodies. 

I set up Crafting By The Pound on April’s Fool's Day (April 1st) 2017 while going to school for my Bachelor’s Degree.

I wasn’t the creative one in my family, I was the talker and troublemaker, lol. Any artistic abilities that were to be had came from my sister, but God must’ve planted the same ability in me as well because here I am. 

Since Crafting By The Pound has been open, it has blossomed from a fledgling Etsy store to something I couldn’t have imagined at its inception in 2017.

I pride myself on creating stationery products that’ll help the average productive person, but my bread and butter are crafting designs and illustrations that speak to my artistic heart.

 TikTok: 470 followers | YouTube: 143 Subscribers | Skillshare: 4,110 Students